La fabrication de bijoux en acier inoxydable

Stainless Steel Jewelry Making

Discover the secrets of making stainless steel jewelry. From design to finish, immerse yourself in every step of our artisan process. Our jewelry combines durability, brilliance and personalization to become real treasures.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of making stainless steel jewelry, a choice increasingly popular for its robustness and shine. Understanding the different stages of this process can enhance your appreciation of our unique creations.

Discover a detailed overview of the key manufacturing steps below:

1. Computer Aided Design (CAD): Our designers use CAD software to translate their concepts into 3D digital drawings, making it easier to visualize and create the jewelry.

2. 3D Modeling: Using cutting-edge tools, we bring the design to life by creating an accurate virtual representation of the jewelry, capturing every detail in an immersive way.

3. Precise 3D Printing: From the digital model, we use 3D printers to produce wax models, offering a faithful reproduction of the design and allowing easy customization.

4. Metal Casting: The printed wax is used to create a plaster mold. The stainless steel is then melted at high temperature and poured into the mold, ensuring a high quality final shape.

5. Expert Shaping: After cooling, the jewelry is removed from the mold and undergoes a process of polishing, filing and finishing, creating a smooth and shiny surface.

6. Rigorous Quality Control: Each part is subjected to careful examination to guarantee impeccable quality standards. We evaluate fit, finish and gloss to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

7. Final Polishing and Customization: Before being shipped, our stainless steel jewelry undergoes a final polishing to maximize its shine. Custom engravings or other details are added at this step for a final touch of personalization.

Once all these steps have been successfully completed, our stainless steel jewelry is ready to join your collection. Their durability, corrosion resistance and shine make them valuable pieces for years to come.

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