Minimalism exposes the very essence of a subject by eliminating all of its non-essential shapes and features.

At Le Jardin des Bijoux, we believe that simplicity rhymes with elegance and modernity.

That's why we created a brand of minimalist jewelry, which has become essential for those looking to personalize their style.

Whether adding a touch of elegance to everyday life or celebrating a special occasion, our minimalist jewelry is designed to withstand life.

Discover the Jardin des Bijoux universe and find the secret of elegance!

The brand

The idea of ​​creating a jewelry brand distinguished by its quality and aesthetics took shape in Paris in 2019.

We launched Jardin des Bijoux by offering a new concept: trendy, quality minimalist jewelry, to be worn alone or in compositions.

Our goal is to bring elegance and modernity to everyday life, while providing an incomparable customer experience.

The name Jardin des Bijoux honors the secret garden that we all secretly cultivate within ourselves, and which is the very essence of our personality.

Our selection of minimalist jewelry allows you to stand out while asserting your style.


We carefully select the materials used for the design of our minimalist jewellery, in order to guarantee that they will remain intact and shiny for a long time.

We chose stainless steel, a hypoallergenic metal that is durable and available in a variety of finishes, colors and styles to suit all tastes.

Our jewels are designed in 316L stainless steel, called surgical steel, notable for its resistance to corrosion (does not rust in contact with water) and heat, while protecting the skin from irritation and allergies (it is an anti-allergenic alloy).

Un arbre de Ecologi au Jardin des Bijoux

Ecological Commitment

Jardin des Bijoux is more than just a jewelry brand: it is a real commitment to protecting our planet.

We are proud to contribute to reforestation with our partner Ecologi, thanks to whom we plant a tree for each order placed on our site. Already 25,000 trees have been planted since the start of this partnership!

In addition to delivering your orders with La Poste, a partner involved for a long time in a process of social and environmental responsibility, we have made a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint: all our deliveries are carbon neutral (carbon neutral).

When you receive your order, you will find a seeded paper thank you card: an ecological and sustainable way to say thank you while giving birth to pretty flowers.

Our history

At the beginning, we prepared and shipped your orders ourselves.
But little by little, the lack of time to grow the brand made itself felt...

This is why we have chosen to collaborate with a professional logistics company located in Rots in Normandy, in order to respond effectively to the growth of the Jardin des Bijoux and the increase in your orders, by continuing to offer you an experience of exceptional purchase.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the 40,000 minimalist jewelry lovers of which you are a part, we have continued to expand our team, in order to improve our collections and offer you new compositions.

We are now accompanied by a team made up of:
Manon, our digital marketing expert,
Ismail and Andjela, our email marketing experts,
Salomé, our partnership specialist,
Dario, our talented photographer who highlights our jewelry,
Alexandre and Xavier, our friendly customer success managers who will answer each of your questions.
Without forgetting our ambassadors determined to make our brand known.

We would like to warmly thank all those who love our brand for their trust and support.
It is thanks to you that we continue to offer new collections of unique and quality minimalist jewelry.

We hope you will continue to be part of this adventure with us ♡

Jardin des Bijoux, le secret de l’élégance