Jardin des Bijoux écologi 1 commande = 1 arbre planté

Ecologi: 1 order = 1 tree planted, we explain you everything!

Jardin des Bijoux takes action for our Planet Since May 2021, for each new order placed in our store, a tree is planted around the world with our partner Ecologi. Indulge yourself with jewelry an...
Les étapes de fabrication d’un bijou

The stages of making a jewel

Once the initial idea and sketch have been developed, it's time to start working on the digital model. In most modern jewelry production, the manufacturer uses a 3D printing machine to print a resi...
Prendre soin de ses bijoux

Tips for caring for your jewelry

How do you properly care for your jewelry? Jewelry will retain its beauty and value much longer if it is properly cared for. Over time, they will lose their luster, and risk being scratched. With r...
Jardin des Bijoux au service de ses clientes

Jardin des Bijoux at the service of its customers!

The 3 commitments on quality at Jardin des Bijoux: quality of our jewelry, quality of our customer experience and quality of our communication.
Les matériaux de nos bijoux

The materials of our jewelry

The quality of our jewelry materials At Jardin des Bijoux, we have made the choice of quality materials: surgical grade stainless steel 316L and silver 925. Why this choice? First, let's take a loo...
Choisir la taille des bijoux dans notre boutique

Choose the size of the jewels in our store

Use our size guide below to help you find the right size for your jewelry! Size guide for necklaces and pendants When shopping for a necklace, it's nice to be able to visualize what it will look ...