The differences between stainless steel, gold-plated and fine gold-plated jewelry

When looking to purchase jewelry, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of materials available. Among the most popular, we find jewelry in stainless steel, gold plated, and gilded with fine gold. ...

Stainless steel jewelry, a must-have for weddings

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Jewelry trends 2024: Stainless steel in the spotlight

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The fascinating history of Mother's Day in France

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The 10 best gift ideas for Mother's Day in 2024

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Expédition-neutre-en-carbone-un-engagement-durable Jardin des Bijoux

Carbon neutral shipping: a sustainable commitment

Jardin des Bijoux recently implemented carbon neutral shipping with Shopify Planet, meaning all of our orders are now shipped in an eco-friendly manner. This initiative aims to reduce our impact o...
Découvrez-les-bijoux-minimalistes-en-acier-inoxydable Jardin des Bijoux

Discover minimalist stainless steel jewelry

Minimalist stainless steel jewelry has become a hot trend in the fashion world, attracting the attention of contemporary jewelry lovers looking for elegant and versatile pieces.
Pourquoi choisir l'acier inoxydable 316L ?

Why choose 316L stainless steel?

316L stainless steel has become the darling of jewelry designers and discerning consumers. This material, known for its strength and lasting shine, is an increasingly popular alternative to tradit...
Comment démêler un bijou ?

How to untangle a jewel?

Discover simple tips to effectively untangle your jewelry and avoid knots.