Comment démêler un bijou ?

How to untangle a jewel?

Discover simple tips to effectively untangle your jewelry and avoid knots.

Jewelry, in addition to bringing a touch of elegance to any outfit, can sometimes pose a detangling challenge, especially when it comes to necklaces and bracelets.

If you're having trouble untying your necklaces, know that you're not alone. In this article, we will share with you some simple tips and tricks to make this process easier and faster:

1. Patience and precision:
Untangling a necklace requires patience and attention to detail. Avoid rushing so as not to make the knots worse. Take the time you need, breathe deeply and work methodically.

2. Identification of nodes:
First of all, identify the areas where the knots are located by gently pulling on each end of the collar. This step will allow you to effectively target the points to be untangled.

3. Lubrication:
To make detangling easier, using a lubricant is very effective. Apply a small amount of baby oil, cooking oil or lotion to the knots. This will allow the chain to slide more easily and reduce friction.

4. Useful tools:
For stubborn knots, using a needle or pin may be helpful. Gently insert them into the knot and wiggle them to loosen it.

5. Straw technique:
A handy tip is to use a straw. Insert one end of the collar into the straw and push it to the other end. Then, gently slide the straw along the string to bring the knot to the end, making it easier to untangle.

6. Proper storage:
Preventing tangles is as important as untangling them. By storing your necklaces properly, you can prevent them from getting tangled. Opt for individual compartments or a jewelry box with dedicated slots for optimal storage.

By following these tips, untangling your jewelry will become an easier and less frustrating task. Take care of your precious pieces by giving them the attention they deserve from their untangling to their storage."