Les matériaux de nos bijoux

The materials we use

Discover our 316L stainless steel and 925 silver jewelry, offering durability and health benefits.

At Jardin des Bijoux, we highlight the advantages of the different materials that we use for our creations. At the top of the list is surgical grade 316L stainless steel, carefully chosen for its exceptional qualities.

  • 316L stainless steel is renowned for its durability and resistance to wear, making it an ideal choice for everyday jewelry. Its resistance to scratches and corrosion is attributed to a thin layer of chrome which prevents oxidation, thus ensuring a long life for our parts.

When it comes to maintenance, 316L stainless steel jewelry is easy to maintain. A simple cleaning with hot water and liquid soap is enough to restore their shine. In addition, their affordable price makes them economical options without compromising on quality, see all our maintenance tips.

  • We also offer 925 silver jewelry, known for its health benefits for centuries. As an antimicrobial agent, silver provides protection against infections and helps wound healing. It is also known for its beneficial effects on blood circulation and the regulation of body heat, which can improve the overall well-being of those who wear it.

In short, whether you opt for 316L stainless steel or 925 silver, you will benefit from quality jewelry that not only beautifies, but also contributes to your well-being. Explore our online store now to discover our collections, and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for exclusive offers and sneak peek promotions.