Expédition neutre en carbone : un engagement durable

Carbon neutral shipping: a sustainable commitment

Jardin des Bijoux recently implemented carbon neutral shipping with Shopify Planet, meaning all of our orders are now shipped in an eco-friendly manner. This initiative aims to reduce our impact on the climate and support a more sustainable future.
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In our quest to support sustainable practices and reduce our carbon footprint, we are proud to announce that we now ship all of our orders carbon neutral using Shopify Planet.

We firmly believe that every action counts in preserving our planet, which is why we are committed to offering eco-friendly shipping options.

Understanding Carbon Neutral Shipping

Shipping products often generates carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. With Shopify Planet, we have the opportunity to neutralize these emissions by funding innovative companies that eliminate

carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and store it. This initiative allows our customers to reduce the environmental impact of their deliveries and meet the growing demand for sustainable practices.

Our impact so far

Since joining the program, here are the statistics of our commitment to carbon neutral deliveries:

  • Carbon neutral deliveries: 22,000
  • Total distance traveled: 11,824,000 km
  • Carbon Removal Funding: $1,100
  • Carbon emissions removed: 7,300 kg

To better understand the impact of this action, here are some examples:

  • 931,000 smartphones charged
  • 30,000 km traveled by car
  • 3.125 liters of fuel consumed

Take the step towards a greener future

Jardin des Bijoux is delighted to be part of the movement for more sustainable business practices. By shipping your orders with Shopify Planet, you are directly contributing to preserving our planet for generations

future. Choose carbon neutral shipping today and together, let's create a greener future for everyone.