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Tips for caring for your jewelry

How do you properly care for your jewelry? Jewelry will retain its beauty and value much longer if it is properly cared for. Over time, they will lose their luster, and risk being scratched. With routine checks, you can avoid serious damage or loss of gems. In order to do this consistently, it can be helpful to set aside a time to regularly clean and check your most precious jewelry.

The Jardin des Bijoux team has compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to keep your jewelry shiny and lasting a lifetime.

How to clean your jewelry

Many people don't realize that household cleaners, makeup and hair care products can tarnish or even damage precious stones and metals.

So clean your jewelry regularly. There are many different products on the market for cleaning jewelry, so be sure to use the right product for the material you want to clean.

General jewelry cleaning rules

If the jewelry contains glued gemstones, do not immerse it in water or use hot water. This could soak the glue and loosen the stones. Instead, use a damp cloth with a cleaning agent.

You can clean and polish your jewelry at home very easily and inexpensively, but having a jeweler do it for you will always give you a better result. And you won't have to worry about gemstones or proper polishing techniques.

Check your jewelry regularly: fasteners, clasps, etc. Take them to a jeweler if anything seems loose.

How to clean silver jewelry?

Silver jewelry requires more cleaning than gold or platinum, as it can tarnish (turn black).

Depending on how dirty the jewelry is, there are many ways to clean silver jewelry. The easiest is to clean them with a soft cloth slightly dampened with a little soapy water, then polish them with a dry cloth. For a better polish, put a little ash (from a cigarette or fireplace), or white toothpaste (without whitener) on a slightly damp cloth instead of soap.

For best results, use a silver polish and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

The 4 Recommendations for Keeping Your Jewelry Looking Great Longer

  • Don't spray perfume or other aerosol when wearing your jewelry. Put on your jewelry after you wear perfume, so the chemicals in the spray or perfume don't interact with the metal of your jewelry.

  • Wait until your lotion or cream is dry or absorbed into your skin before wearing your ring, bracelet or necklace.

  • Substances such as oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, chlorine, perfumes, etc. can react with metal/plated jewelry and easily cause deterioration. This also goes hand in hand with perspiration, so remember to remove your jewelry when playing sports or anything that might require strenuous physical labor, as well as when swimming.

  • Check jewelry regularly for signs of dirt, wear and tear. Gently rub the jewelry with a de polishing cloth to maximize the shine of the metals. Do not press too hard while polishing, as this may damage the surface of the jewelry.