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The complete guide to caring for your jewelry

Discover these 6 simple and essential tips for taking care of your jewelry. By incorporating these good care practices into your routine, you will continue to make your jewelry shine and enjoy it to the fullest.
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Proper care of your jewelry is essential to maintaining its beauty and value over time. Jewelry, although valuable accessories, can lose its luster and tarnish if you don't take the necessary steps to preserve it. With regular care, you can avoid wear and damage. It is recommended to allocate a regular time to inspect and clean your favorite jewelry, which will ensure its durability.

The 6 essential tips to prolong the life of your jewelry

Chemical Precautions: Avoid spraying perfumes or other aerosols directly on your jewelry. Apply your perfumes and make-up before putting on your jewelry to avoid any harmful chemical reaction to the metal.

Wait for products to be absorbed: Before wearing any rings, bracelets, or necklaces, make sure your lotions or creams are completely absorbed into your skin to avoid direct contact with the metal.

Avoid harsh substances: Certain substances such as oil, perfumes, nail polish, chlorine, and others can react with precious metals and cause deterioration. Avoid wearing your jewelry during strenuous physical activity or in environments where these substances may come into contact with your jewelry.

Beware of water: Although our jewelry is water resistant, it is best to avoid prolonged contact with water. Rinse your jewelery thoroughly with clear water after bathing in the sea or exposure to chlorine to maintain its shine.

Regular Checkups: Frequently inspect your jewelry for any dirt, wear or damage. Use a soft polishing cloth to revive their shine, being careful not to apply excessive pressure which could damage the surface.

Keep your necklaces in order: To avoid knots in necklace chains, store them with the clasp sticking out of the pouch or box.

Cleaning tip: Household products, makeup and hair care can tarnish your jewelry. Clean them regularly using products suitable for the material of your jewellery.

Jewelry cleaning tips

To clean stainless steel or silver jewelry, use a soft cloth slightly dampened with soapy water, then dry with a dry cloth. You can also rub lightly with ash or non-whitening white toothpaste for better polishing. For best results, opt for a silver polish and follow the manufacturer's instructions.


By following these simple tips and caring for your jewelry carefully, you can preserve its shine and value. By incorporating these maintenance practices into your routine, you will continue to keep your jewelry shining and enjoying it to its fullest.